Progress and Patience

Powerhouse Dance AcademyIt has been three weeks since we received the keys to Winner Circle Athletics. The Pilates studio is coming along… slowly but surely! The sport court (basketball / dance surface) is being installed March 2nd! Which happens to be BLACK! (My favorite color). During the build of the studio I have learned that with construction promises can not be made and time lines are usually not met. Thank goodness for my patience and keeping calm under the pressure. But, to be honest I am feeling very anxious these recent days! The Winner Circle coaches are practically fully operational at the moment – actually, tonight are their first official classes and practices! And I still have my Pilates’ studio floors being leveled and wood floors only half way installed! Pressures ON, Ahh!

Keep  Calm

What keeps me going are the messages I am receiving from friends, family, friends of friends and even strangers who are ecstatic I am doing this in Corona and are ready to take class once I get the ball rolling upstairs (21 steps upstairs to be exact) and on the court! So, I would like to say “thank you!” all who have taken the time to reach out to me, offered your services, visited the facility, checked in to see how things are going (because if I am your friend personally – I have sort of been MIA since the new year) and THANK YOU to those who have been voluntarily working with me during my training the past year! You helped me get to this point (and it’s just the beginning!). I truly could not have done it without you. I landed a “job” with a team here at Winner Circle Athletics I couldn’t be more thankful for. The commitment, opportunity, and support from my WC fam are huge blessings.

Coming Soon

Shattered Window Powerhouse Academy Pilates Studio

Click for larger view.

Don’t quote me, but I would like to say I will be ready to start classes (both Dance and Pilates) the 2nd week of March. Crossing my fingers nothing else delays the process… I mean, for instance, just this morning one of the five giant windows upstairs shattered! …Ready to catch a break and start the fun!

Okay, I need to go. I am currently building the Academy’s website as we speak with Eydie Stumpf! Can’t wait to launch it. Hope you like it and navigate through it with ease!

Thank you, for reading my first blog post. I read and respond to all. Questions and positive vibes welcome! : ) Reesh

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