Dance Academy

Powerhouse Academy focuses on: developing the skill of picking up choreography quickly, professional performance qualities, coordination, building confidence, having the ability to make choices with commitment, taking physical and emotional risk, mental development, command of space, technique, physical performance, and fitness with our high intensity internal training, stretching, conditioning, and nutritional guidance provided by our sponsor, Max Muscle Nutrition.

Our purpose is to give our dancers/cheerleaders the professional experience, providing them with insider knowledge, and the tools to take their performance level to the next level! The training techniques provided are to enhance their performance both physically and mentally.

We are welcoming dancers ages six years of age and higher. Any dancers/cheerleaders who aspire to represent an all star team, their city, school, or collegiate’s dance/cheer program or professional team, such as, NFL, NBA, AFL, MLS etc. this is a program designed to better prepare you. For existing dance/cheer team members this Academy will help you to reach your highest potential. Our staff of professionals are here to help our young ladies reach their goals.

Powerhouse performance and tumbling classes are in a small-intimate group setting with our limited class sizes. This allows us to work side by side with the ladies working on their mental and physical development, encouraging self motivation, never being complacent, and staying at the top of their game – all while having fun!

Classes are held with former Los Angeles Laker Girl, Richelle Rodriguez and nationally recognized choreographer, Kendall Russo.