Powerhouse Academy

So Cal Powerhouse Academy, pilates, dance, fitness, performance dance, professional dance, Winner Circle Athletics, Corona, CaliforniaWinner Circle Athletics has partnered with Powerhouse Academy to bring all genders, levels, ages, and athletes the benefits of Pilates with our fully equipped Pilates Studio. Powerhouse Academy also has a concentration in Performance Dance Training, where we aim to develop top-notch versatile dancer-athletes. The Academy offers acro/tumbling, and dance classes for ages six and up. Owner, and Creative Director, Richelle Rodriguez, created the Academy’s program to give back years of professional experience in the field to enhance the performance skills and character of our dancers/cheerleaders. Our team at Powerhouse is passionate and excited to bring out the very best in our young ladies!

Why Pilates?

Pilates increases core strength, stability, flexibility, and joint mobility (FROM – Full Range of Motion). It improves posture; as well as, helps gain relief from aches and pains. Pilates increases concentration and reduces stress. These exercises help prevent injuries by addressing muscular imbalances, incorrect or insufficient movements and over-training. Pilates enhances daily performance and sports performance (ie. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Swimming, Skiing, Gold, Soccer, Tennis, Dance, etc.).

Pilates, Dance, and Tumbling

A program designed like nothing you have experienced before! The Powerhouse Elite Academy Program develops the skill of picking up choreography quickly, professional performance qualities, coordination, building confidence, having the ability to make choices with commitment, taking physical and emotional risk, mental development, command of space, technique, physical performance, fitness (with our high intensity interval training), stretching, conditioning, and nutritional guidance provided by our sponsor, Max Muscle Nutrition. A total package to take your child to her next level!

Be on the lookout for our weekend 360 Dance Clinics with former NBA, AFL, NFL, and professional company dancers and choreographers!